Why Nigerian musicians make more money than Nollywood Actors

Did you want to know some of the few reasons why Nigerian musicians make more money than Nollywood actors? It has been a debate among Nigerians and millions of them want to know why the average musician makes more money than the average Nollywood actor.

If you are one of the millions of people that want to know, then make sure you read this article to end because I’m going to explain the major reasons and why their income is completely different from one another. 

More Audience

It should not be new to you that there are millions of music lovers in Nigeria, and the numbers of music lovers are way higher than those who watch Nollywood movies. 

Almost all Nigerians are music lovers because it is part of our life, culture and lifestyle. 

Nigerian musicians have the opportunity to make money on music streaming platforms like YouTube Music, YouTube, Audiomack, Apple Music and others.

Unlike Nollywood actors that depend on marketers to sell their movies to their targeted audience, only few Nigerian movies make it to Netflix, while most Nollywood movies are available for free on YouTube while Nigerian musicians are getting paid for views on popular streaming platforms.

 Less Cost of Creating

You don’t need so much money to produce or record music compared to creating a Nollywood movie. You need to know that there are several professionals that are needed to produce a Nollywood movie from producer to director, makeup artist, actors, actress and other professionals that will be paid for the job done after the project. Unlike musicians where they only need to pay music producer and music video director.

An average Nollywood actor spends morr money to create a movie compared to how much an average Nigerian musician spends to produce one music album. 


An average Nigerian musician gets invited to perform in live events like weddings, housewarming ceremonies, birthdays and others. It is not so when it comes to Nollywood.

An average Nigerian musician gets paid as much as 3 to 10 million per show, which is one of their major sources of income. This kind of opportunity is not available for Nollywood actors at the moment in Nigeria.

International commercial

Average Nigerian musicians are well known in other countries of the world so they have the opportunity to get endorsement from other countries. It is very important to know that international commercials are more profitable than local commercials.

Nollywood actors are only popular in Nigeria so they can only get endorsement deals in Nigeria and other African countries. 

More Endorsement Deals

A popular Nigerian musician has millions of fans across Nigeria and other countries of the world, so with their larger audience they have the opportunity to get more endorsement deals than Nollywood actors because they are not as popular as musicians at the moment in Nigeria.

Now you know some of the major reasons why Nigerian musicians are richer than Nollywood actors.