Top Five Reasons to Hire or Rent Mini Excavators for Home Improvement or Landscaping Projects 


A mini excavator is very handy piece of equipment to own as they are undoubtedly the most versatile machines within the context of heavy machines that are able to function or perform a variety of tasks that would require different machines. From smashing concrete, to moving earth, excavating, managing materials and debris to compacting earth, drilling and cutting down trees and removing thick shrubs, the excavator is the machine to handle it. 

The various tasks that these machines are able to handle causing them to be deemed as ‘the Swiss Army Knife’ of the construction industry is solely attributed to the hydraulic mechanism that these machines come with that allow them to be equipped with a range of hydraulic tools that allow them to do different things with these attachments. For instance, when auger is fitted to the hydraulic coupling link, the excavator is instantly transformed into a large drilling machine that allows contractors to drill deep holes rapidly for fencing or other purposes. 

Similarly, some hydraulic attachments such as rippers, crushers or cutters allow these machines to be used for clearing land, demolishing small structures and break up hard surfaces apart from their primary use which is excavating. These attributes of the mini excavator render them as the perfect heavy machine tool to have around for home improvement projects and landscaping projects and the best part is the fact that a mini excavator may be easily hired at very affordable prices from a construction machinery rental company

The fact that these machines could be hired on a ‘when needed basis’ project managers would be saving a lot of money when they do not need the excavators as the construction equipment company will ‘collect’ the machine according to the specified time of pick-up. The upside of this is that the excavator will be fully utilised for the rental period for the home improvement or landscaping project. Below are the top five reasons as to why project managers should hire a mini excavator for home improvement or landscaping projects. 

  • Hiring a mini excavator is affordable and the best option for contractors who do not use these machines regularly
  • It saves on raw labour costs as a single mini excavator is able to do more work than a dozen labourers
  • Buying a mini excavator requires high capital investment 
  • No storage costs, no maintenance costs, no transportation cost – in other words zero ownership costs which could impact cash flow negatively for smaller enterprises
  • Companies that provide mini excavators for hire offer drop off and pick up services and these companies also replace machines that breakdown quickly which eliminates the possibility of extensive project downtime. 

Mini excavators are the perfect solution for landscaping projects due to their light weight. Heavier machines could cause damage to delicate landscaped soil. Some of these mini excavators even come with rubber tracks that are gentle on landscaped grounds and the small sized frame of these excavators allow them to be navigated through landscaped areas easily.