How to Follow Young Celebrities on Instagram

Models and singers alike have made a name for themselves on Instagram with millions of followers following them as they post candid photos of themselves and their families.

For the most popular celebrities and models on IG, it’s important for them to grow their following on a daily basis. This can be done through organic content creation and marketing, or if they have some money to put to use, they can just purchase real Instagram followers — however, most are looking for long-term growth.

But even more remarkable than their size is their social media strategy: instead of following countless new accounts, these women follow none!

Chrissy Teigen

Celebrities excel at one thing: commenting on social media posts. They act like ordinary people, double-tapping away to share their opinions on the content they enjoy (and don’t enjoy).

If you want to see Chrissy Teigen’s real thoughts on everything, there’s one Instagram account you must follow: Comments by Chrissy Teigen.

This week, supermodel and EGOT winner Naomi Campbell shared an endearing photo of her children Luna and Miles enjoying a bath together with their millions of followers. However, fans were divided on whether the photo was appropriate. Thankfully, many users expressed support for the family.

Willow Smith

Willow Smith is a model, singer and actress with over 3.7 million followers on Instagram. On her page she showcases vibrant interpretations of art, literature as well as glimpses into her personality.

She’s not afraid to share her struggles with anxiety, self-soothing and other coping mechanisms she’s discovered. Recently she opened up about these struggles in a Facebook Watch chat series called Red Table Talk.

She’s an enthusiastic supporter of causes she cares about, such as the Dakota Access Pipeline. At 16 years old, she joined her brother Jaden in protesting against this pipeline that threatens water safety for one of North Dakota’s last remaining Native American tribes.

Amy Poehler

Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler has plenty of advantages on her side. She’s intelligent, funny, and often controversial – with an infectious honesty that draws viewers in.

She’s not afraid to use her celebrity status to champion causes she believes in, such as reproductive rights. That makes her Instagram account so inspiring – she regularly posts quotes from feminists, fan art, puppy photos and behind the scenes shots from her Netflix show.

She stands out among her peers with an extraordinary social media presence. Through the nonprofit Smart Girls, which she uses to empower young girls and women, her account is filled with heartfelt messages from devoted followers.

Humza Deas

Social Animals, a documentary which screened at last year’s SXSW Film Festival, explores the difficulties of following young celebrities on Instagram. Follow Kaylyn Slevin, Emma Crockett and Humza Deas as they navigate these modern-day traps with care.

Social media can be a wonderful tool, but it also serves to foster negative behavior – particularly among teenagers. Director Jonathan Ignatius Green explores this dark side with three teens in his captivating documentary, featuring Humza’s stunning night shot of NYC bridges and buildings.

Humza Deas takes extraordinary photos of New York City’s skyscrapers and bridges through his camera lens, often at risk to himself. He belongs to an underground movement of “outlaw” urban photographers who climb towers, subway tunnels and bridges for breathtaking aerial shots. His work has earned him interviews with New York Magazine and Maxim as well as a hot air balloon shoot with Sony.

Liam Martin

Liam Martin, 17, is one of the most entertaining young celebrities to follow on Instagram. His photos take celebrity glamor shots and recreate them at low costs with low budget recreations. His creations have earned him over 1.5 million followers at @waverider_, sure to make you laugh. Some of his clever ideas include replicating Taylor Swift’s long strands of wiggly spaghetti and Kim Kardashian’s booty. Other celebs he’s recreated include Cara Delevingne and Beyonce too. Additionally, Liam loves Twitter where he posts his own T-shirt line and shares stories about online bullying. Take a look at more examples below!

Since leaving Cheryl last year, Liam has been linked to several women, including supermodel Naomi Campbell and US model Aliana Mawla.

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