8 Outstanding Gifts from Coimbatore That Are Sure to Impress Your Buddies

Coimbatore is a beautiful city nestled comfortably between the majestic Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu. The bustling metropolis is filled with surprises, adventures, and mesmerizing tourist hotspots at every turn. If you’ve been to Coimbatore once, you’d want to come back again. Famous for its rich ethnic heritage and magnificent culture, Coimbatore stands as one of the most sought-after vacation spots in South India.

Apart from the warm hospitality you receive from locals here, Coimbatore is also famous for some of the best souvenirs and gifts that you can carry back home. From textiles to handicrafts, these interesting gifts will impress your friends and bring a smile to their faces. If you are planning to visit Coimbatore soon, you have the perfect opportunity to get meaningful mementos for your friends and loved ones.

The first thing you’d want to do when you step into Coimbatore is find a cost-effective and convenient accommodation. Treebo Coimbatore Hotels will do the best job of serving you with world-class amenities at a very affordable price. After check-in, relaxing for a bit, go out on a site-seeing journey. At the end of the day, visit the bazaars and local markets to buy your gifts!

Here are the 8 best things that you need to look out for in Coimbatore – 

1- Clothes and Textiles

Coimbatore is renowned for its handloom industry, where skilled artisans create exquisite silk textiles. Consider gifting your friends elegant sarees made of Kanchipuram silk or soft cotton fabrics. They represent the city’s craftsmanship and can be cherished as wearable pieces of art. Do you know that Coimbatore also happens to be the wedding shopping capital of South India? If there is any event or occasion in the house, the ladies prefer to pick their Kanchipuram sarees from Coimbatore. The Pattu silk sarees are available in exquisite designs, and modern colors. You also get these sarees at a very cheap rate, unlike your local cities where they are priced heftily. 

2 – Brass and Bronze Artifacts

One of the many reasons why Coimbatore is famous in India is because of its Bronze and Brass artifacts. The immaculate craftsmanship that the local artisans show while making these items is impressive. People import and export goods made of Brass and Bronze from Coimbatore to other Indian cities and also across the globe. You can buy the best devotional statues, decorative showcase pieces, modern design lamps, and utensils. Their glitter and charm will add extra beauty to your abode. If your friends like things made out of metal, then this will prove to be the perfect gift for them. 

3 – Nilgiri tea

You don’t have to go all the way to Ooty to get a packet of the Ethereal Nilgiri tea powder. You can get the same tea samples from Coimbatore as well. You must be knowing that Coimbatore is one of the closest spots to Ooty and people often get on a bus for a 4-hour ride to reach Ooty from this metropolitan city.  Nilgiri tea is transported to the local markets and shops in Coimbatore, and these happen to be the hot sales in all seasons. The Nilgiri tea is famous for its exotic undertones and rich taste with milk and a dash of ginger. You can also get flavored tea that includes cardamon flavor, chocolate mix, and even spicy masala flavor. 

4 – Worship Items

Coimbatore is the ideal place to get some pooja samagri for your home. It has several historic temples that display Dravidian and Tamil-style architecture and the streets surrounding these holy abodes are perfect for shopping. You can get the finest incense sticks that smell like heaven and beyond. Travelers take back home packets of high-quality camphor. Diyas, worship lamps, and idols are very famous in Coimbatore. The markets near Perur Patteeswarar Temple, Marudamalai Temple, and Eachanari Vinayagar Temple sell products at reasonable prices. Or else, you can also explore the shops at Town Hall, RS Puram, and Gandhipuram.   

5 – Cotton T-shirts

Cotton textiles are very famous in Coimbatore. What makes these fashion creations stand out from the rest is their quality. Unlike other places, the cotton textiles in Coimbatore do not shrink or lose color on their first wash. They are several options that include cotton sarees, kurtas, lungis for men, and dupattas for ladies. You can purchase stuff from the retail markets or visit the wholesale shops to buy bundles to start your own home-based business or retail outlet. You have to keep your eyes open for the seasonal Kg sales in the shopping malls and markets. RS Puram, Gandhinagar, and Town Hall Area are concentrated with shops that sell cotton textiles. 

6 – Spices and Condiments

If you taste the food in Coimbatore, you will notice that the South Indian food is rich in unique flavors. It is not just spicy but a perfect juxtaposition of condiments that are used with remarkable precision. You can purchase homemade spice blends that add a very prominent flavor to your recipes. Coimbatore is famous for its peppers with a strong aroma. They can be used to make several vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Lastly, you must carry turmeric from this South Indian state! The yellow-colored staple spice has a high quantity of curcumin that helps you fight against existing diseases and keeps you healthy for a very long time. 

7 – Traditional Jewelry

South Indians are very generous with their jewelry and the way they deck up to traditional parties and events. Coimbatore has some of the best silver and gold jewelry in eye-catchy designs. If you are planning to buy a gift for your friend or loved one, then the infamous Coimbatore Temple jewelry will be the right fit. Temple jewelry is characterized by intricate motifs, detailed workmanship, and the use of precious metals and gemstones. These pieces make for unique and culturally significant souvenirs. You will also find contemporary designs and Western jewelry made out of gold and silver. Antique jewelry is very valuable and will prove to be the perfection of your existing collection. 

8 – Handicrafts 

The woodcraft items from Coimbatore will adorn your houses perfectly. You can get intricate wooden carvings of figurines, sculptures, and home decor items. The marvelous pieces will be made out of original rosewood, sandalwood, or teak wood. Apart from them, you can also buy authentic Tanjore paintings from the local markets.  Coimbatore has a thriving pottery and ceramic industry. You can find handmade pottery items like vases, bowls, and decorative pieces. These items come in various shapes, sizes, and designs and make for unique souvenirs.

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So, the next time you visit Coimbatore, keep this list handy and pick the perfect gift that your friends and loved ones will appreciate.