Devices That Can Make Your Home Smart

A house controlled by electronic equipment can greatly assist your daily life. The term ‘Smart Home’ has been popularized across the globe well enough, and the idea behind it turned the whole thing into a trend: smart homes appear to be liked for their practicality, efficiency and security. 


Indeed, contrasted by the busy and often stressful routine, a home connected and controlled by electronic devices can be extremely useful. Even the commands on a rather simple end of the spectrum are already very helpful. Through voice or clicks on the smartphone you can order: 

  • turning on and off electronic devices (air conditioning, computer – anything, basically);
  • changing the playlist;
  • making your grocery list;
  • opening and closing the gate.


But what are the means to carry out the most important automations? The items you definitely need for your smart home – out of all the available on the market – include a variety of devices with different functionality. 


Smart bulbs

Lighting is an important item when thinking about a truly modern home, and bluetooth lamps,  also known as ‘smart lamps’ or ‘smart bulbs’, are a great option here. Activated and controlled via smartphone applications, they can be inserted in the same places as ordinary lamps, but use Wi-Fi connection. 


They don’t consume too much electricity and can serve you for a long time. In fact, their life is many times longer than that of some ordinary light bulbs (depending on the model).


Smart sockets

Smart sockets have several benefits for a home and the main one is enabling you to better control the consumption of electricity. This allows you to save on the bills (the difference made in this case can be significant). In addition, they have a USB port to charge any device with such an option, and with the help of an application they allow you to turn things on and off remotely.


Smart cameras

To bring in the element of actual security in your dwelling, you need smart cameras – these cameras have a 360° rotation, night vision, and audio capture. You can attach them to the electronic gate, for example. They work similarly to smart lamps – using wi-fi, and transmit everything in real time to ensure effective monitoring via smartphone from wherever you are.


Smart switches

Another sort of item that in addition to being smart can also guarantee savings on the electricity bill of yours are smart switches. As they are triggered by movement, human presence sensor or smartphone commands, they will only turn on when there is a real need.

It’s worth noting that you need a fully functional smartphone to manage your smart home in the best possible way. This applies to smart switches as well as other elements of the system, regardless of its overall configuration. In case your device has technical problems, seek assistance from experienced specialists such as the Repairs Bay team that provides professional phone repair in Brooklyn.


Robot vacuum cleaner

Unlike the common vacuum cleaner, the robot vacuum cleaner has no plug, nor does it require any special effort to handle. It works through sensors that identify obstacles and can change the route of the device. Among other things, it is possible to program the whole set of cleaning chores, including the heaviest parts that take place over some dense surfaces, such as carpets. There are some options on the market that even have cameras attached, allowing you to map where the vacuum cleaner should pass.


Smart speaker

There are devices that can greatly simplify numerous actions for you. Programmed according to your needs, these boxes can assist in various daily tasks following your voice commands, yet perform even better if connected to other smart equipment in the home.


Various feature sets are determined by each device manufacturer, but the most common tasks are:

  • Smart home management.
  • Warning about the traffic.
  • Calling you a cab.
  • Reporting the news / weather.
  • Setting the alarm clock and managing your task list. 
  • Searching and playing music/video.


The most popular assistants today are Apple Siri and Google Assistant. Those are followed by Amazon’s Echo Dot, Xboom AI ThinQ by LG, and (last but not least) Microsoft’s Cortana.




We are constantly striving to make our lives easier. So we invent and then continuously improve devices that could perform some of our functions for us. Sometimes, however, these devices are capable of carrying out some functions even better than a human being could do. 


For example, the best smart home systems can manage your residence with more accuracy, precision and efficiency than you. Therefore, if you are thinking of making your home as comfortable and modern as possible, you should definitely consider which of the above mentioned smart home elements could be suitable for you! With them it is possible to make your own home smart, your routine more peaceful, and your life easier!