Daria Zelenoff WiKi, Husband, Parents, Sibling, Religion, Nationality, Education, Net Worth, Height Weight and more

Daria Zelenoff is undeniably a renowned figure hailing from Ukraine. It is an undeniable fact that Daria Zelenoff has gained immense popularity as the beloved spouse of Charlie Zelenoff. Charlie, on the other hand, is an exceptionally skilled professional boxer of Russian origin who has found his footing in the United States. It is highly likely that you have come across the uproar in the boxing realm caused by this individual’s notorious online trolling and his self-proclaimed fame. Charlie Zelenoff, or as he prefers to be called, Z-Money, is a citizen of both Russia and America. His claim to fame primarily revolves around his audacious declaration of being an invincible boxer, a title he proudly holds alongside his UBF Championship.

Daria Zelenoff WiKi

Parents, Siblings and Date of Birth:

Daria Zelenoff has refrained from disclosing her precise birth particulars to any internet domain. Nonetheless, she entered this world in an undisclosed location within Ukraine. Unfortunately, there exists an absence of information concerning the identities and occupations of her progenitors and siblings.

Religion and Nationality:

Daria Zelenoff retains citizenship in Ukraine and practices the Christian faith. Conversely, her spouse, Charlie Zelenoff, was brought into existence on the 27th of July, 1988, within the borders of America. Although he possesses American nationality, his ethnic background can be traced back to Russian-American heritage.


Regrettably, Daria Zelenoff has chosen to withhold further details regarding her educational attainment.

Personal and Married Life

In regards to the private and intimate life of Daria Zelenoff, it is noteworthy to mention that she is currently wedded. She entered into matrimony with Charlie Zelenoff. However, the specific date of their union has yet to be unveiled to the public.

In a similar vein, the couple has not yet been blessed with offspring. Moreover, despite rumors of their potential separation, they remain together. Daria’s sexual orientation is heterosexual and she maintains no other romantic affiliations. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that she remains uninvolved in any form of controversy.

Controversies about Daria Zelenoff Husband:

Conversely, her husband, Charlie Zelenoff, has garnered attention in the media due to his involvement in certain contentious matters. Specifically, he faced a legal lawsuit in 2019 for purportedly harassing actress Jillian Boinski.

In that same year, he also faced legal repercussions for physically assaulting individuals experiencing homelessness and even a pizza delivery individual.

How much difference between both Husband and Wife

Daria is a diligent woman who actively engages in a particular occupation. However, she has chosen not to disclose this information on any online platforms. Nevertheless, she gained recognition through her association with her spouse, Charlie Zelenoff.

Charlie, a professional boxer, asserts himself as an invincible pugilist. His notoriety stems from his confrontations with fellow boxers at the gym, which he documents and shares online. Additionally, he lays claim to the title of UBF World Champion.

Primarily, Charlie shares videos of his boxing bouts with various adversaries on the internet, many of which have gone viral. Consequently, his level of fame has surged.

In one particular video, he was observed engaging in a contest with a minor, prompting a vehement response from online communities. Furthermore, certain individuals contend that Charlie may possess cognitive impairments, further complicating his reputation as a boxer.

charlie Zelenoff WiKi

Charles Peter Zelenoff, born in Los Angeles, California, USA, to Russian parents, attended Fairfax High School and displayed a passion for boxing. His parents encouraged him and he went to the gym daily.


Charlie began boxing at a young age and challenged others. He claimed to have a record of 240 wins, but his official record is 0-1. He lost his debut fight and also lost to Floyd Mayweather. He had a brief sparring session with Mayweather Sr. In recent events, Charlie started a feud with Deontay Wilder.

charlie Zelenoff Net Worth:

$500k US dollars.

Daria Zelenoff Instagram and charlie Zelenoff Instagram

Daria’s level of engagement on social media is rather limited. She harbors a preference for preserving her personal experiences and refraining from unveiling them to the public eye. Conversely, her spouse, Charlie Zelenoff, displays an active presence and enjoys popularity on various social media platforms. However, Daria Zelenoff’s Instagram account goes by the handle “dariberg“, whereas her husband’s account is registered under the name “Charlie Zelenoff”.

Daria Zelenoff Net Worth

Daria is currently experiencing a state of contentment and tranquility in her marital existence. She has acquired a substantial amount of wealth as a result of her professional endeavors. However, she has refrained from disclosing the precise value of her assets. In contrast, her spouse, Charlie Zelenoff, possesses a net worth totaling approximately $500k US dollars, as observed in the year 2021.

Body Appearance, Height and Weight

Daria exhibits remarkable aesthetic appeal and possesses a stunning physical presence. The documentation available does not provide any substantiation regarding her stature, weight, or other comprehensive bodily dimensions. She possesses a fair-haired mane and possesses a pair of eyes that are shaded in a luscious dark brown hue.

Contrarily, charlie z boxer possesses a height of 5 feet and 11 inches and a mass of 79 kilograms. Additionally, he possesses body proportions measuring 42-32-35 inches.