Cory Youmans net worth, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Salary, Her Wife Bio and The Story of the 62nd Home Run Ball

Cory Youmans, an extraordinary entrepreneur and investor hailing from the illustrious state of California, has indisputably carved a path of triumph in his illustrious career. His name resonates profoundly in the realms of technology and healthcare, owing to his exceptional acumen in investment ventures. As the ingenious founder and visionary CEO of a prominent venture capital firm, he has masterfully extended his support to numerous prominent enterprises. In this enlightening discourse, we shall delve into the captivating Cory Youmans net worth, biography, age, height, favorite sport, his wife bio, net worth and instagram and of course the Story of the 62nd Home Run Ball and Cory Youmans.

Quick Bio

Real Name Cory Youmans
Nick Name Cory
Gender Man
Age 35 as of 2023
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 80 kg
Profession Business Man
Salary $5 Million
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Wife Brianna Amaranthus
Brianna Amaranthus Nick Name Bri
Cory Youmans net worth $25 Million
Cory Youmans Instagram coryoumans
Cory Youmans Wife Instagram briamaranthus
Cory Youmans Wife Twitter Bri Amaranthus


Bio, Education

Cory Youmans, hailing from the sunny state of California in the illustrious United States, possesses a remarkable background as the esteemed founder and CEO of a prestigious venture capital firm. With an astute eye for potential, he has made shrewd investments in numerous renowned companies, elevating them to new heights. Furthermore, his intellectual prowess is fortified by his prestigious MBA degree from the esteemed Stanford University. As a testament to his exceptional acumen, he has graced the boards of various distinguished companies, including the esteemed National Venture Capital Association.

A true paragon of entrepreneurial spirit, Cory Youmans is a seasoned investor who possesses an unwavering ardor for the captivating realms of technology and healthcare. His impressive portfolio encompasses an array of triumphant endeavors, spanning from nascent startups to well-established enterprises. Moreover, his resolute dedication extends to the noble realm of philanthropy, as he has generously bestowed contributions upon numerous commendable charitable organizations.

Age, Height, Favorite Sport

Cory Youmans, at the ripe age of 35, possesses the remarkable stature of 6 feet and 1 inch. An individual with an unwavering passion for sports, he wholeheartedly embraces the exhilarating sport of golf.

Cory Youmans Net Worth

In the year 2023, it is highly speculated that Cory Youmans net worth will possess a remarkable amounting to a staggering $25 Million.

Past 04 Years Net Worth Summary Table:

2022 $20 Million
2021 $15 Million
2020 $13 Million
2019 $10 Million


The Story of the 62nd Home Run Ball and Cory Youmans

The entirety of the record crowd, which amounted to 38,832 spectators, eagerly anticipated Aaron Judge’s monumental achievement of hitting his 62nd home run. This particular home run would propel Judge beyond the record set by Roger Maris, solidifying his status as the player with the greatest number of home runs in a single season in the American League. On the evening of Tuesday, this momentous home run occurred during the contest that witnessed the Yankees’ unfortunate defeat of 3-2 against the Texas Rangers. Nonetheless, amidst this loss, the residents of New York City fervently celebrated the remarkable accomplishment of the esteemed ‘Judge’.

Cory Youmans: the extraordinary individual who possesses Judge’s record ball:

With an audience filled with ardent supporters yearning to seize that monumental homer run by Judge. A ball that holds immense life-altering significance, it was fate that favored only one fortunate soul. This fortunate soul, known by the name Cory Youmans, was blessed enough to retain this historic ball, which was propelled by Judge during the initial innings against the team led by the Venezuelan sensation, Jesús Tinoco.

What is the potential value of Aaron Judge’s record ball?

It is of great interest to determine the potential value of Aaron Judge’s record-breaking ball. An ardent supporter managed to capture a video in which Youmans, in a resolute manner, grasped the ball and held onto it tenaciously. He exhibited an unwavering commitment to retaining this invaluable piece of history. It has been reported by certain sources that the New York Yankees express a desire to retain Judge’s 62nd home run ball and are even prepared to make a bid for it, potentially amounting to a staggering two million dollars. Remarkably, an auction house has already put forth an offer equaling this significant sum.

Cory Youmans, a vice president at a branch of Fisher Investments, renowned for its management of a staggering $197 billion on a global scale, and married to the esteemed Sports Illustrated reporter Bri Amaranthus, found himself positioned in the front row of Section 31, positioned in left field at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. It was at this opportune moment that he skillfully captured Judge’s remarkable opening home run in mid-air. Encircled by a diligent contingent of security personnel, he was promptly escorted to ensure the authentication of the baseball, all while being inquired about his future intentions.

Cory Youmans wife Brianna Amaranthus Age, Date of Birth, Education, Job, Instagram and Twitter

Brianna Amaranthus, also known as Bri, is a sports journalist hailing from Portland, Oregon.  She is 32 years old as of 2023 and was born on January 27, 1992. She is a native of Grants Pass, Oregon native.

Having completed her education at Grants Pass High School, she obtained her high school diploma in the year 2010. She pursued her higher education at the esteemed University of Oregon, where she successfully earned her Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, specializing in Electronic Media & Public Relations.

At the onset of her professional journey, Bri commenced her career as a nutrition assistant. Moreover, in 2012, she assumed the role of a sales associate at The Buckle.

Over the years, Amaranthus has garnered a significant presence on social media platforms. At present, her Instagram account boasts a substantial following of over 27.6k individuals, while her Twitter account has amassed an impressive 17k followers.

Brianna Amaranthus Income and Networth

As a distinguished Emmy-awarded correspondent, Bri Amaranthus ought to receive a base yearly remuneration of $100,000. The estimated financial Bri Amaranthus net worth is appraised to be $1 million in the year 2022.