What is a Stove Hearth, And What is it Made of?

A stove hearth is a masonry surround that is known to sit beneath and in front of a wood-burning stove. They help provide a non-flammable surface, large and also cut down on issues related to fire. Many people often opt to purchase stove hearths from reputed stores, which are usually made of various materials.

Hearths are considered an ancient tradition that is known to exist thousands of years back. In this blog, you will learn more about stove hearths, the materials that it is made of and the symbology behind this. 

What is a Stove Hearth Made of?

A stove hearth is said to be made of tile, brick or stone. There are some cases where a stove hearth is built into the floor below and around the stove. There is another type of stove hearth, which is a raised platform of hearth materials set on the top of the regular floor. 

They can vary in size and are comparable to the size of a wood-burning stove. They are usually large enough to be able to prevent sparks or ash from landing on flammable materials like wooden flooring or any carpet close by. 

Can Stove Hearths be Customized? 

A stove hearth can be customized to the style and decoration of both the room and the stove. Using various materials for the hearth, multiple styles for the hearth can help evoke different styles and use varying styles. Brick stove hearths are usually said to include a country or rustic look. In the case of an ornamental tile hearth, they can help bring elegant art decoration lines.

Hearths are available in various finishes and colours that can be easily changed to suit the style of decor and stove. When it comes to a raised hearth, it might be easier and less expensive to install compared to an inset version. You can find most of them from masonry businesses and also home supply stores. 

Though these stove hearths are considered to be heavy, they can easily be installed in moments and do not require professional help. When you use a hearth mat, you can make remodelling easy as it can simply be switched out. Hearth mats are considered less expensive than inlaid stove hearths and are considered a good option for renters or people who do not want to tear up a floor to install a hearth. 

What Does a Hearth Symbolize? 

Before you opt for a fireplace hearth, you must know that a hearth symbolizes the sign of home and family as long as civilization has existed. In ancient Roman mythology, it is said that the Greek Goddess Hestia guarded the hearth and was seen protecting family life. A hearth is said to represent the ability to provide warmth and cook, which are two important components of a household. 

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