What Can You Gift Your 3 Years Old on Their Birthday?

Is your little one’s birthday around the corner? Then you must be thinking about what to gift them. The 3rd birthday is a memorable one as this is the time that your kid starts walking, talking, and remembering things. 

So you must want to gift them something extraordinary and distinctive that your kid can remember for a long time. A toy store has a huge variety of toys, but it must be very chaotic to choose from a wide variety. Note down the gift ideas listed below that will be useful for your birthday gift shopping. 

5 Best Gifts for 3 Years Old on Their Birthday 

These are the 5 best gifts for a 3-year-old whose birthday is around the corner! Let’s dive into it! 

  1. Children’s Building Blocks Plastic Puzzle Assembling 

Do you want to gift your kid something that he enjoys a lot and remembers for a lot of time? 3 years is a crucial age at which kids enjoy themselves a lot. They learn things these Children’s Building Blocks Plastic Puzzle Assembling will help them do so.

These are the pastel-coloured building blocks that your kid will assemble using his brain and cognitive skills. This is among the best building toys for kids that will enhance and boost your kids’ creativity and will be a fun gift for them

  1. Truck Construction Work Series 4 In 1 

3 years is the age when kids get introduced to the new face of the world. They get involved in constructing new things, so you could give these wonderful construction toys for kids. The Truck Construction Work Series 4 in 1 is the Construction Cement Mixer in a bright yellow colour that is visually appealing. 

The batteries of this mixer are 3 × 1.5V, which is enough to move the vehicle speedily and work for a long time. The movement of this vehicle is multi-directional and fully functional. It will be a cool gift for your 36 months old.

  1. WoodPecker Game 

You must know about the woodpecker cartoon. But now this thing is available as a game. The WoodPecker Game has a cute tiny hammer and has 4 different coloured eggs that need to be hammered. The base of this game looks like a tree trunk from where the hammered egg rolls away. It could be an exciting game for kids that are around 36 months old. It develops some cool skills in your growing kid, such as cognitive and motor skills. What a wonderful gift it would be! 

  1. Baby Annabell, Alexander or Leah 

Baby Annabell, Alexander or Leah are different dolls that are 43 cm tall and have different get-ups. The baby Annabell doll is in a pink dress, whereas Alexander is wearing blue, and the one in purple is Leah. 

This toy set comes up with a bottle which helps your doll to feed up. Also, these cute dolls burp when they are full. They make some exciting noises. Little kids will definitely love playing with this. It will be good company for your little kid as it comes with all the kid’s accessories that will excite your kiddo.

  1. Toniebox Starter Set 

The Toniebox Starter Set is a cool audio system with a good volume. Turn the volume on and let your kid learn some new and advanced things. When the starter set speaks, it helps your kid to imagine things. It would be a perfect gift for a 3-year-old kid as they will listen to exciting things like poems. Also, it has a very good battery life that can easily last up to 7 hours without disturbance. It does not need wifi to work, just install some poems and sounds, and you are good to go!