The Sanitary Bin – Washroom Hygiene

The sanitary bin is unlike other waste bins we may have around the home and office. These bins are designed for washroom and bathroom locations and as such, are often used to dispose of feminine hygiene products, razor blades and all manner of personal, hygienic and medicinal waste.

For this reason the sanitary bin should have several features. Firstly, Armaturen a good bin for washrooms or bathrooms needs to have a pedal or sensor system. Nobody likes to handle bins, especially if somebody else has placed personal waste in their which may have traces of body fluids such as blood.

The washroom needs to be of adequate size

Secondly, a bin for the washroom needs to be of adequate size. If the sanitary bin is for a workplace wash room or bathroom then it needs to be large enough that it won’t fill up between emptying times. If a bin is full then many of the items that should be thrown in the waste bin will get discarded in the toilet. Some of these items such as feminine sanitary devices can block up toilet systems very easily and so failing to have the right sized bin could cost a fortune in plumbing bill.

Washroom bins and bins for the bathroom are also often made from Polypropylene. This is a man made polymer and is well suited for this type of location as it is quite resistant to bacteria and microbes as there is nowhere for the bugs to hide on the bin surface.

Other materials that are good for sanitary bins are stainless steel, although stainless steel bins are often more expensive but they offer good protection against bugs and are easy to clean too. Materials to be avoided are things like wicker or mesh. These may make attractive waste paper baskets but they are not fit for purpose in a sanitary location.

There are other areas to the washroom and bathroom where these types of bin are often used such as medical facilities and hospitals although specialist hospital bins and bins designed to take medicinal products are available for clinics, surgeries and hospitals. These are very similar to sanitary bins but are often larger, sturdier and have to adhere to numerous regulations including fire retardation.

These bins are an important part of washroom hygiene so please Sanitär ensure your home or workplace has an adequate sanitary bin.