Reducing White Point On A Used iPhone 12 Pro

The battery life of the iPhone is the main element that users check on their iPhones. This is why Apple started to include battery health in the settings area, in order to determine if batteries can sustain the charge.

One method of increasing the battery’s capacity and eye health is to turn on the option of reducing white spots on the Settings. This is why I’ll show you how to enable this feature within the settings of the present iPhone 12 Pro.

This article will address some of these points:

  • How do you define a spot of white?
  • How can I make it possible to reduce White Points on my used iPhone 12 Pro

Let’s begin by discussing what white points are.

What Is a White Point

A white spot on an iPhone 12 Pro is the setting that regulates the color as well as brightness and the temperature of the display’s color.

The changes to your white point can help you get more accurate color when viewing images or videos and make the screen less demanding on your eyes. The various white points could be little impact on the lifespan of your battery and battery therefore, make sure you examine and find the right amount of balance to suit your specific needs.

It’s crucial to remember that different iPhones may have different ideal white points It is recommended to do some tests to determine the one that is the perfect option for you.

At the end of the day, selecting the best color for your iPhone 12 Pro is a matter of personal preference Don’t hesitate to play around and find the best setting that you like. With this knowledge, you’re in a position to easily alter the white point of your iPhone anytime to improve your visuals and longer battery life.

Whatever value the white point may contribute to the discussion It is essential that you are aware of the two aspects that it offers.


  • Enhances color and clarity when watching videos and photos. Enhances color and clarity when watching videos.
  • Easy to see
  • Can help improve battery life


  • Different iPhones could have different white-point specifications on each iPhone.
  • It may take some time for experimentation and trial to find the ideal setting.
  • This might not be the best option. If you like to use the Apple Factory Setting

How to Enable Reduce White Point in a Used iPhone 12 Pro

It’s among the most simple actions you can make to extend the life of your eyes and your phone. Since it reduces the amount of light your display requires less power and that means you have a better battery backup. I recently purchased a used iPhone 12 Pro from Wise Market PK and it’s running well.

However, I don’t like the brightness of the screen. The good news is that I can adjust the brightness of the display to be higher than normal. It is possible to similar to other iPhones by selecting the option to decrease the white point on Settings.

In order to enable it to be enabled, you’ll require:

  • Click the gear icon, which appears labeled”Settings. “Settings.”
  • Then, scroll down, then tap”Accessibility. “Accessibility” is the option.
  • Scroll down then click on”Display & Text Size” and then click to select the “Display & Text Size” option.
  • At this point, you will be able to modify the settings you’d like to see changed in the display. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and turn switch off the “Reduce White Point” switch.
  • By default, it reduces the white spot by 50%, but you can increase it by altering the above-mentioned bar.

That’s it! There are no complicated steps you need to learn to take. Just turn on the switch and you’ll be able to reduce the white area on a used iPhone 12 Pro. You can also turn it off in the event you want to do this, simply switch the option to reduce white off.


The bottom line is that I think that this is a fantastic feature available on the iPhone. With this level of personalization, you can adjust the brightness of the phone to ensure that it lasts longer than the default.

A few days ago in the absence of an iPhone charger, I was able to ensure that the phone lasted for more than 25 hours by turning the battery-saver feature off and reducing that white area. If you’re interested in increasing the lifespan of your battery then you should turn on the dark mode of the phone as, on the LED screen, it’s possible to disable the pixels.

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