Hybrid Conference Platform – 8 Features You Absolutely Need

Due to the fact that hybrid events must engage both in-person and online audiences, they are unquestionably more complicated than entirely virtual events. Finding a platform that specializes in hybrid formats and enables you to execute both sides of the hybrid event with zero faults and maximum flexibility is the biggest problem when picking the best virtual conference platforms. The best hybrid platforms combine seamless functionality with a reputation for reliability and customer support. When attempting new ideas, having the appropriate event platform is essential to the success of the event. But when choosing a hybrid event platform, there are some more crucial features you shouldn’t skimp on.

Must-have features of the Hybrid conference platform


Can you customize the hybrid show platform you’ve chosen? If so, how much if any? As an event planner, you’ll want to dazzle your customer by making the event as customized as possible. The platform should include capabilities that make it possible to integrate and promote the client’s brand and raise awareness of their good or service. Checking whether the event platform provides programmable themes, programmable banners, programmable placeholders, and programmable labels at key locations in their app, website, and software would be a smart idea.

Engagement Tools

The study found that 46% of speakers at a hybrid event struggled to simultaneously engage both a virtual and in-person audience. These data highlight how crucial it is to provide the audience with top-notch engagement tools. It can be beneficial to have features that can aid participants in getting over their one-way communication fatigue. The use of interactive and communicative tools is essential for bridging the audience gap. Here are some characteristics to watch out for:

  • Live Polling Feature
  • Question and Answer Feature
  • Breakout Rooms/Sessions
  • Chat Rooms or Sessions


How can you tell whether your event was successful? by removing the pertinent data and producing reports using the key performance metrics? Because of this, you must ensure that the hybrid events platform can give you important metrics like the number of established interactions, either with products or exhibition booths; attendance & engagement rates; shared contacts per exhibitor; revenue tracking; attendance satisfaction metrics; and others in accordance with your particular goals.

Easy event Registration

An important thing to take into account when selecting a hybrid event management software is intuitive event registration and ticketing. For events that want to reach a larger target audience, hybrid event management software provides the ease of both online and offline registration. Online hybrid conference platform like Dreamcast is simple to use and compatible with PC and mobile devices. They also provide a wide range of capabilities to event planners, making it a perfect platform for staging hybrid events as well as events that take place both on-site and virtually.

Opportunities for sponsorships

The availability of sponsorship options should be taken into account while selecting a hybrid event app. Many companies continue to sponsor these events since using a platform like Dreamcast has a number of advantages. Banners, logos, and changeable themes are just a few of the sponsorship choices available on the best hybrid meeting platforms. Businesses can access a sizable audience of potential clients by collaborating with an event app like Dreamcast. Additionally, sponsorships provide you with a chance to interact with attendees and acquire their opinions on your goods or services. Businesses may build their brands while promoting events with the correct sponsorship approach.

Security and safety

When choosing a hybrid launch platform, security and safety are key considerations. This is due to the fact that the event platform may be utilized for a variety of events, including weddings, corporate conferences, and other forms of festivities. The event platform should have tools that make it simple to handle safety and security. For instance, the platform should have tools that let administrators monitor who has access to what parts of the system. The site should also have tools that let users report any security or safety-related worries they might have.


Any hybrid event must provide users with a feedback option. This enables people to converse about their experiences. Any organization can benefit from this knowledge since it might be useful in implementing remedial actions. Hybrid events can gradually improve their effectiveness and address their weak aspects with the use of feedback forms. Additionally, giving a feedback form to each and every person that attends a hybrid event makes them feel acknowledged. It helps the participants understand their significance and how their viewpoint can alter an organization’s whole outlook.

Social wall 

This dynamic wall displays all tweets as well as every relevant hashtag related to a company’s social media handle. By including a feature like this, hybrid events gain a more positive atmosphere overall and provide viewers with a fully immersive experience. These social media walls display all the insightful comments from users all over the world.