HP Notebooks and Production Models

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one of the recognized leaders in the manufacture of computer hardware, particularly high-end, functional notebook computers. The company offers a wide range of laptops for any task. These are affordable models for home, powerful laptops for business, and high-performance gaming laptops.

The HP notebook model lineup (company code given above) includes several series that vary in Hp Laptop Prices in Pakistan and specifications. Thus, everyone will be able to choose a model that suits them in every way.

1) All HP notebook models

New and old laptops of the famous brand HP are in high demand among consumers due to a large number of advantages. A diverse assortment allows you to choose absolutely any model to solve a specific list of tasks: home, office, work, or sports.

A key feature of the entire model range is the general design concept. It uses a minimalist style in its design with rounded edges and classic solid colors. While a few years ago, the company’s catalog consisted of only gray and black models, today the list has expanded to include white and even colored laptops.

2) Body design

Cheap HP notebooks are mostly made of high-strength plastic with a glossy finish. The more expensive model, designed for business, is housed in a brushed aluminum case, giving it a sleek and understated look. Build quality is decent at all price points. Each of these laptops will be your trusted companion for a year.

While many other companies try to surprise consumers with interesting designs, fashionable patterns, yarns, and bright colors, HP bets on reliability, practicality, and performance. That’s why most laptops have sleek, minimalist designs that look good at home as well as in the office. The color scheme is also mainly represented by traditional colors – gray and black.

3) Keyboard and touchpad

All HP Notebooks have a full-size peninsula keyboard. Switches are conveniently located and securely mounted for quiet operation. Most models have two-level backlighting on the keyboard, so you can use your laptop comfortably at all times. The keyboard is ergonomically designed and the keys are slightly recessed to reduce typing errors.

HP notebooks are equipped with highly responsive and responsive touchpads. The touchpad supports multiple gestures, including multi-finger gestures. Most laptop models have built-in pointers that easily replace the mouse.

4) Performance

The latest HP brand is the perfect combination of affordability and performance. Laptops run on a variety of power-saving processors. Most models are equipped with powerful Intel Core i3 – i7 processors for 2 or 4 cores.

When it comes to graphics, an IntelHD adapter is usually installed. Some series, such as OMEN gaming laptops, require higher graphics performance. A powerful NVIDIA GeForce graphics card is included. The graphics memory capacity is up to 6 GB.

Depending on the series and model, you can install it with or without an HP laptop operating system (Windows 7, 8, or 10).

5) Display and audio system

HP laptops are manufactured with the following diagonal screens.

  • eleven;
  • 12;
  • 13;
  • 14-15.6;
  • 16-17 inches.

The matrix will vary depending on the specific line and purpose of your notebook. Often these are IPS displays with high brightness, contrast, and excellent visibility from various angles. The screen resolution of different models ranges from 1366×768 to 3840×2160 (4K) pixels.

Depending on the series and model, you can choose a laptop with a glossy or matte screen finish. HP laptop screens have excellent anti-glare properties, so laptops are comfortable to use even in direct sunlight. Additionally, the laptop has a built-in light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on the available light.

Some models have a touchscreen and are equipped with the handy HP Active Pen.

Laptops have built-in speakers and microphones. A Bang & Olufsen audio system guarantees high sound quality and depth. Additionally, the adoption of Beats Audio technology enables superior noise reduction and excellent sound quality.

6) Memory and battery

Key Features of HP Notebook Memory:

The amount of RAM ranges from 2 GB to 32 GB.

Onboards are represented by traditional hard drives up to 2 TB or modern SSDs up to 750 GB and combinations thereof.

With enough memory, you can multitask, and store photos, music, videos, and other information without slowing down.

HP laptops are equipped with non-removable lithium-ion batteries of various capacities up to 5250 mAh. Powerful 3, 4, or 6 batteries give your laptop solid battery life.

7) HP notebook series models

HP’s range of devices is designed for a wide range of users. The company manufactures laptops for everyday use at home, work, and gaming. The notebook range is represented by the following series whose names are given below.

  • HP 15;
  • 17 HP;
  • HP 250;
  • HP 255;
  • HP Elite X2 and EliteBook;
  • HP Envy and Envy x360;
  • Omen of HP;
  • HP Pavilion;
  • HP ProBook and ProBook x360;
  • Specter HP, Specter Pro, Specter x360;
  • HP Z Book.

Correct laptop labels help distinguish between different series and models.

7.1) HP 15, 17, 250, 255 series

Key benefits:

  • The latest AMD and Intel Core i3 to i7 processors.
  • 14-15.6 inch diagonal glossy matte display with an anti-reflective surface.
  • High-performance IntelHD and AMD Radeon graphics;
  • DVD-RW drive;
  • Intel High Definition Audio System.

The models presented in this series are position as budget devices for home use. Perfect for most everyday tasks. These models are also suitable for viewing photos and videos and working with office programs.

7.2) HP Elite X2 Series, Elite Books

Key benefits:

  • A powerful processor with 2-core or 4-core Intel Core i5-i7, Intel Core M.2.
  • 8-16 GB of RAM.
  • Up to 750GB SSD.
  • presence of an appropriate monitoring point;
  • HP WorkWise Intelligent Office Security Management System.
  • State-of-the-art Bang & Olufsen sound system with HP Audio Boost technology and noise reduction.
  • Comfortable waterproof keyboard.

HP EliteBook and Elite X2 notebooks are business series notebooks design for reliability and performance. It combines elegant design, compactness, ess, and excellent ergonomics. Windows 10 is pre-installed on most laptops.

7.3) HP Envy series, Envy x360

Key benefits:

  • Latest Intel Core processors in i5-i7.
  • Powerful IntelHD and Nvidia GeForce graphics adapters.
  • Up to 2TB SSD.
  • Slim aluminum body.
  • Anti-glare display with IPS matrix and HD and QHD enhancements.
  • Up to 10 hours of operation with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery.
  • An audio system with four speakers and a Bang & Olufsen subwoofer.

HP Envy notebooks are versatile devices for any task. Its strong technical stuff and long battery life make it an ideal companion for business activities, studying, and occasional web surfing. A stylish laptop design that highlights your personality.

7.4) HP OMEN Series

Key benefits:

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M-1070 more powerful quad-core Intel Core i5-i7 processor and graphics card.
  • Comfortable backlit gaming keyboard.
  • Anti-glare screen with a matte finish and HD, Full HD, and 4K resolution.
  • Intel RealSense 3D compatible camera.
  • Presence of an M.2 SSD slot;
  • Compact and ergonomic body.

Bold, aggressive design and impeccable image quality – HP OMEN laptops instantly transport you to an immersive virtual world. Moreover, the fast working speed and good performance will let you win every battle.

7.5) HP Pavilion Series

Key benefits:

  • Powerful Intel Core i3 – i7 and AMD A6 – A10 processors
  • High-quality and productive graphics with Nvidia GeForce GTX 940M-1050 and AMD Radeon.
  • IR Camera for Windows Hello Face ID.
  • IPS screen with wide viewing angles and faithful color reproduction.
  • Sound system with HP Audio Boost from Bang & Olufsen.

HP Pavilion laptops are the best entertainment laptops. A large quality screen, a solid technical team, and solid autonomy make it an excellent multimedia center. Another highlight of the series is the variety of design options that allow everyone to choose a device that suits their taste.

7.6) HP ProBook Series, ProBook x360

Key benefits:

  • Most models use powerful Intel Core i3 – i7 processors.
  • Support for TPM and HP BIOSphere Gen34 and HP Client Security Gen35 technologies for data protection.
  • A powerful HP battery that supports fast charging.
  • Noise-canceling audio system with HP Audio Boost.
  • 720p resolution web camera.

HP ProBook laptops are the perfect choice for today’s critical business needs. The device is built with a robust and elegant design and combines functionality and performance at a very affordable price. Laptops support the latest data protection technologies, allowing you to achieve new levels of productivity and professionalism.

7.7) HP Specter, Specter Pro, Specter x360 series

Key benefits:

  • Amazingly thin and compact aluminum body.
  • Full HD3 picture with high-quality IPS, protective glass, Corning Gorilla Glass, and ultra-thin bezel.
  • Advanced high-pressure cooling system.
  • Four built-in speakers for the Bang & Olufsen audio system.
  • Three USB-C 4 connectors for connecting additional devices.

HP Specter Laptop is a sleek, powerful, and ultra-thin laptop. Models in this series come with Windows 10 pre-installed. With high build quality, durable materials, and incredible compactness, these devices reach a whole new level of design and technology.

7.8) HP ZBook Series

Key benefits:

  • 7th Gen Intel Core 3 and Intel Xeon processor options.
  • Powerful NVIDIA Quadro and IntelHD graphics cards.
  • Fast DDR4 RAM up to 64GB.
  • Ultra HD display with HP Dream Color technology and 4K resolution.
  • Ergonomically backlit keyboards are available on most models.
  • A powerful and large battery that supports quick charge function.
  • TPM module, fingerprint reader;
  • Data recovery software.

HP ZBook laptops are powerful business devices with great graphics, tons of RAM, and advanced security technology. It is perfect for professional activities in terms of reliability and speed.

Buying an HP laptop means getting a reliable and powerful device at an affordable price. The manufacturer offers a wide range of lines and models for all types of events, as evidenced by the various ratings. Learn, work, and play with HP!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find the model of an HP laptop?

  • The information is displayed on a special sticker located on or below the body of the laptop. As a result, you will know exactly the company name, its series, and its model.

2. How can I know the release date of my HP laptop?

  • The “age” of the laptop is identified by the serial number listed below. Just copy this number and paste it into the Google system search bar. You will get all information about the model including age.

3. Which laptop is better, HP or Lenovo?

  • The products of these two manufacturers deserve special attention. It all depends on the budget allocated for the purchase, personal preferences, needs, and other working conditions (actors, office workers, schoolboys or students, etc.).

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