How to Play The Backrooms 1988


The Backrooms 1998 is an interactive psychological horror found-object video game. The game takes place in the first-person perspective. The plot revolves on a young man who, in the latter part of the 1990s, found himself inadvertently let loose in the backrooms. The game gives players the opportunity to investigate a murky labyrinth, put together a strange tale, and avoid a terrifying adversary.

How to play

The primary objective of The Backrooms 1998 is to flee! Even with spray paint and a flashlight, the terrain is impossible to navigate. As the player makes their way through the twisting corridors and chambers of the labyrinth, their location inexplicably shifts. In order to successfully escape, the player must accomplish a number of goals while exploring. These include the unearthing of artifacts and the tracking down of blood traces. Both of these may be very nerve-wracking and hazardous, especially when there is an enemy nearby as well as a large number of jump scares.

Rules to Win Backrooms 1988

Dealing with a terrible and nasty adversary that is lurking in your backroom is not a simple task. Players should avoid running unless it is absolutely essential since they are hypersensitive to noise. They need to conceal themselves instead by hiding in crawl spaces and closets, shutting doors behind them, and listening for the sound of enemy footsteps. The fact that the opponent does not have eyes is stated on a notice that is affixed to the wall before the game begins.

On the other hand, someone discovered me across the room standing very motionless and keeping a low profile. It is possible to prevent becoming lost in the game by using spray paint to create a trail for the player to follow. It would seem that the adversary is unable to perceive it. Audio input is another another potential risk of which you need to be aware. If you yell at your opponent or take many deep breaths into the microphone, they will be quickly alerted to your presence.

Your progress may be saved at any of the TVs that can be found strewn across the game world. However, there are only a few of them, and each can only be used once before they are rendered useless. In the event that the player fails the level after utilizing all of their save points, they will be trapped in the rear chambers. This will make the game more challenging and raise players’ anxiety levels.


The Backrooms 1998 is a compilation of recovered film that tells the story of a young man who becomes disoriented while exploring the backrooms. It started with a picture of a corridor with yellow wallpaper, and then it moved on to a tale about how one may enter the backrooms without ever being clipped out of reality.

The unsettling account of Tommy’s kidnapping is revealed little by bit as the young child, who goes by the name of Tommy, is carried further into the labyrinth-like halls and chambers. Radio broadcasts, articles from newspapers, and photographs are used to piece together the narrative little by bit.


The Backrooms 1998 in Backrooms game series appears very much like a broken VHS tape, complete with film grain, when it is used for “found footage.” The dim lighting contributes to the creepiness of the atmosphere. The wallpaper in the backroom is often basic yellow and covered with scribbles in a frenetic style. Blood and insects aren’t the only things that come to mind when one thinks about horror, mannequins and bicycles come to mind as well.

The music of the game features a variety of sounds, including footsteps, heartbeats, and creakings. The noises are amplified and made more hazardous as a result of their echoing and reverberating qualities. The inclusion of audio input results in a game that is both more challenging and more unsettling.


There is a possibility that finishing The Backrooms 1998 will take between an hour and a half of your time. The game creates a very unsettling atmosphere by drawing inspiration from subgenres such as walking simulators, survival games, and horror games. In spite of the fact that the old VHS pictures have a certain charm to them, after a time watching them might become a little bit tedious.

A superb combination is achieved by combining the undesirable aesthetics with the obtrusive sound design of the environment. Jump scares are effective and unique, despite the fact that they might seem to be repetitious. It is an excellent illustration of a condensed horror game that has a unique visual style, a setting that is instantly recognizable, and a challenging difficulty level. Players who like urban legends and horror will enjoy this game very much.