How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer Without Air Conditioning

Scorching heat during summer can be really annoying and take all your comfort. This heat can lead to serious health issues like Skin cancer, and heat stroke. At this point, surviving without air conditioning becomes impossible. However, the high expense of it including purchase and installation forces us to look for an alternative. 

For the sake of your health and comfort, you must need to find some ways to keep yourself calm. As summer is around the corner, here are some dos and don’ts that will help you to keep your surroundings cool without Air conditioners. 

Install a Ceiling Fan

A great and cheap alternative to air conditioning Greenwood would be a nice working ceiling fan. Its purchase and installation charges are affordable and can aid a lot during the summers. All you need to make sure is that its installation is done perfectly so its efficiency isn’t affected. For this purpose, you need to hire professional electricians. Don’t waste further time in hunting the right team for yourself and talk to experts at HQ Electrical & Air. 

Adding Shade Outside Of Your Home can be a Good option

In order to cut down the amount of solar heat in your house, consider adding a protective sheet all around your home. It provides a cooling effect to the house and the amazing thing is it’s a cheap expense. It is said that by adding it, almost 65% of the heat is controlled. 

Seal Gaps Around Windows and Doors 

Even smaller space matters. You might have shut some unnecessary windows and doors of your house to control heat but not those little gaps along it. Sealing these gaps is considered to be a winter measure but it also contributes a big deal during summer.

This process in the professional language is said to be weather stripping and again, it’s inexpensive. The best part is that there will be no more insects and windy dust in your home. 

DIY Air Conditioner 

Do it Yourself hacks are definitely the best temporary fix you can try out in order to kick out heat for a small time period. Remember that it’s not a long-term fix and can aid you for one or two hours maybe. 

All you need is a fan and lots of ice bags. In case you don’t have ice bags you can also carry similar products like frozen water bottles or a large bowl filled with ice tubes. Now, attach your source of ice to the back of the fan. Turn the fan on and enjoy the chilly breeze. This hack can be performed without buying a single item and of course the cheapest option. 

Talk to HQ Electrical & Air. 

Nothing can take the place of the real comfort offered by Air conditioning. If high expense is the problem you’re not buying and installing an AC system then there’s a way out of it. 

Electrician Greenwood at HQ Electrical & Air can perform the installation progress at a really low range for you and also guide you about some tips to save on energy bills.


Don’t Keep the Door and Windows Open

In order to lessen the amount of heat entering your home, you need to block its way by keeping doors and windows shut most of the time. Especially during the daytime, when the heat is on its rise. You may keep them open during the evening cold breeze for better ventilation and environment. 

Lessen The Use of Stove In Your Kitchen 

The use of a stove for sure releases a great amount of heat so try to lessen your usage in the kitchen. Completely eliminating the use of the kitchen isn’t possible obviously so using an exhaust fan is advised. It makes way for all the heat out of your home and keeps the surroundings cool. 

Avoid Using High Voltage Electrical Appliances 

High-voltage electrical appliances like washing machines, printers, and extra lights release another form of heat that ultimately contributes to making your room even hotter during the summer, so it’s better if you stop using them at least during the day. Dealing with such tasks at night is a better way to cool up your space.