How to Have Fun

Marie Squerciati Hello, friend! This is the place to be if you’re having trouble being happy. Do you just feel like you could cry at any time? Like there’s something deep inside you that hurts? I feel the same way, and I could cry right now.I’ve already cried twice today, and it’s only 10 a.m. We hope that these words give you hope. I’m not a doctor at all; these are just things that have helped me.

Be Happy

In May of 2022, that beautiful picture was taken. This was the worst time I’d ever been sad. I had a great job from 9 to 5, a boyfriend, and a family that helped me out. And I was trying to find Jesus, but I was still sad.

Do you find it hard that you have a good relationship with Jesus but are still sad?

I find that hard to do. Because if I’m looking for Jesus, I shouldn’t be sad.

Why do I feel bad?

We live in a broken world, that’s why. There is pain, being alone, sadness, and death… But Jesus is the best thing about it. He thinks about you. He wants to be a part of your life in every way.He’s interested in how you feel. You need to give Him your sadness.

Ask Jesus to be happy.

When you hurt so much that all you want to do is sit and cry, look for Jesus. Start praying, sing a worship song, or just say “Jesus,” and He will be right there to help you.When you ask Jesus to bring you joy, you let Him into your life. He is willing to help you. Because He knows you, He knows how your depression feels.


Ask Jesus every day to fill you with his joy. I have to do it every day to be OK. If you go to him for help in the part of your life where you are having the most trouble, he will help you.

When we ask Jesus for things, we will get a lot of joy, as the verse says. I think that’s so cool. He loves us so much that he will help us get what we ask for AND give us his joy. He does a lot for us that we don’t deserve. JESUS, THANK YOU.

Who doesn’t want to be happy all the time with Jesus?

Learn to be happy with what you have.

It’s a random picture, but it makes me feel good, so that’s good.

We live in a world that tells us we will be happy as long as we keep buying things we don’t need. They want you to keep buying their products, so they make it seem like we’ll be happy once we have the latest hot item.My church’s pastor gave a sermon on being happy, which was something I was having trouble with at the time. One of my favorite sermons, it spoke to me. He said that we have to work hard to be happy.


Are you content? Do you find it hard to be at peace with your life, your job, or your money? I have this itch that tells me I need to travel and then I’ll be happy and content. But if I go somewhere without first looking for Jesus, I’ll lose sight of Him.And I don’t think it’s worth it if I don’t get to travel with Him.Life isn’t as fun if you don’t look for Jesus in the things you love. If you want a life with Jesus, you want a life full of love, grace, peace, and satisfaction.Because our hearts want to be loved, traveling will never be enough for me. But if I look for Jesus in everything I love to do, that changes everything. If you look for God in every part of your life, you will see Him in different ways.

Are you looking for happiness in the world or Jesus?

If we’re happy with who Jesus is, that helps us be happy. When we are happy, we tend to think about the good things in life.Being happy will save us money, maybe, I don’t know.It’s hard to be happy. So, when we’re unhappy with our lives, we have to choose to follow Jesus. Just keep in mind that Jesus is enough. Remember that you have to work hard to be happy.Don’t let the enemy get you to turn away from Jesus by making you unhappy. Fight to be happy with who Jesus is and what he has given you.

Do what makes you happy.

This picture is rough. We were all tired and mad at each other because it was so early. I was traveling, which is something I enjoy, but that doesn’t mean everything was great.Find something you’re interested in. If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, you should also look for Jesus in that area. Ask Him for something you’re interested in. Ask Him what you can do to help build up His kingdom.When I moved, I was having trouble being happy, being alone, not knowing what to do, and a lot of other things. (In May of 2022, I moved from NM to SC.)


I asked Jesus over and over again for something I could work toward and enjoy. I thought that meant going to school for Criminal Justice. I took two online classes for 8 weeks and then decided I didn’t want to do it anymore. I didn’t want to get used to the bad things that happen in the world.


Then I went through a time when I was upset because I still didn’t have anything I liked to do. When I woke up one morning, my first thought was, “Why?” That was my first thought of the day. When I first started writing in my journal, I told Jesus how upset I was with Him. I told her, “There are only two things I like to do: travel and write.” Then all of a sudden, I had a lot of ideas.

Write down things you like to do, and then ask God to use those things to change you.

I got the idea for a Raw Life Journey from God. I never would have thought I’d be doing something like this. I love doing this so much that I just want to thank Jesus every time I do it.I said that to give you hope. He knows what’s in your heart, so ask for something you want and have faith that you will get it.I’ve learned that when I do something I’m passionate about, it makes me want to worship Jesus. Keep trying different things until you find something that makes you want to worship God just because you get to do it.This blog has given me a lot of joy. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been struggling with depressive feelings. Two days ago, I was sad and couldn’t bring myself to do something that I knew would have made me happy.And now it’s been two days, and I’m fine. I’m happy right now because I love this blog, but I’m not completely happy. But I know that Jesus will help me if I keep looking for Him.