How to Get Someone’s IP Address?

An IP address is a unique set of characters for a computer’s address on the world wide web(WWW). Every computer as well as servers that run websites have separate IP addresses. It’s interesting to note that a computer has many IP addresses (depending on its use). These are listed below:- 

  1. Private Address that identifies your local network (the network for the router at your home.
  1. Public address as well, which is the IP address of your Router, given by your Internet Service Provider.
  1. A Local address ( or localhost), and many other addresses.

Methods to Find IP Address

There are several ways for finding someone’s IP address. These are given here:- 

  • By use of an IP address lookup tool,
  • examining Email Headers, 
  • and using the Command Prompt.

Now, we will learn how to find someone’s IP address using these three methods.

1. IP Lookup Tools 

There are many IP lookup tools that you can use for free access online.   

A few examples are listed below:-

  1. One of the most common Lookup tools is Google. While using Google as an IP Tool, type in “What’s my IP address?” in Search Bar on the google page, and it would appear in search results.
  1. Another popular tool is On visiting this website, it will show your public IP address. This address is the public address of the computer.
  1. is another great IP address lookup tool similar to, but also has tools to look up DNS proxies, and WHOIS information, as well as run blacklist checks and speed Tests also.   

2. Examine Email Header

    In a few cases, some email headers contain IP address information that is easily accessed from your inbox, but most emails that you get, for instance, personal emails will not show this information. Such information mostly appears in the email marketing mail headers.

3. Using Command Prompt

   The third and final method of how to get someone’s IP address involves using the Command Prompt in windows or Mac. You can type in the command prompt to look up your IP address, or the IP address for a particular domain.

Let’s first learn how to look up your IP address using the below-given steps:-

Opening a Command Prompt 

  Follow the below-given steps to open the Command Line:-

  • Visit Task Bar.
  •  Click here Search box.
  • Type in “cmd” or “command prompt”.
  •  The command prompt opens.

4. Run ipconfig

For opening this ipconfig window, just type “ipconfig” into the command prompt or in the terminal. Your IP address is the one next to  IPv4 Address in the details appearing in the command terminal.

5. Run ping

The “ping” command sends a network request to the mentioned address. The Domain addresses (like “”) are translated to IP addresses by the DNS server, which itself is also shown as the IP address to the right of Domain addresses ( “”) when using ping.

The IP address next to the domain name belongs to the closest Google DNS server to you. Another thing is that Google has thousands of DNS servers all over the world.

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