How To Draw Joker Drawing Kids | Joker Drawing Tutorial

Drawing Kids learn how to create a stunning Joker’s Face with clear, step-by-step sketching instructions and a video tutorial. The Batman, oh my God! The Joker is on the loose once more. Learn to draw the Joker and put his face on a “Wanted” poster.

Drawing Kids Joker is Batman’s most dangerous foe. He looks like a clown, with a white face, colorful lips, and strange-colored hair. He does, however, have a clown-like, horrifying sense of humor.

Easy to Draw the Joker

The Joker wasn’t always a supervillain. Without a doubt, he was a minor criminal in Gotham City. He turned nuts,, after sliding into a vat of hazardous chemicals. Later, after falling in love with him, his therapist turns into the iconic Harley Quin, a supervillain in her own right, and becomes the Harley Quin.

Did you understand it? There has been a Joker since 1940. One of the many voice and on-screen actors who have portrayed him is Mark Hamill (a.k.a. Luke Skywalker). This cartoon drawing lesson will teach you how to draw the Joker in portrait mode. A 3/4 viewpoint can also be used to depict The Joker.

Drawing the Joker Step by Step

Check out the How to Draw the Justice League Logo or the How to Draw Batman tutorials for extra basic and fun directions.


  • Draw the Joker’s eyes in an anime style to begin sketching out his face. Draw curved lines sharply pointed at the edges to resemble furrowed brows.
  • Then a curved line should encompass the half-circle eye beneath each brow.


  • Shade a half-circle inside of each eye to indicate the pupils. Next, draw the Joker’s nose. Draw a curved line around the nose’s sides and each nostril.


  • In step three, draw a “V” shape with curled ends to create the Joker’s nose tip. Then he opened his wide, evil jaws. With a short line at each corner, draw curved lines around the mouth.


  • Draw curved lines parallel to the top and bottom of the mouth to indicate the lips. Next, draw several vertical lines, followed by a horizontal line through the mouth. These are a representation of the Joker’s fangs.


  • Draw a portrait of the Joker’s face. Use long, curving lines for the cheeks, jaw, and pointed chin. For the ears, use “C” shapes. To draw attention to the chin even more, draw an upside-down “U” beneath the mouth.


  • To depict the interior of each ear, use curved lines. Make a wide “C” shape over the face next. Later, this will change into the Joker’s recognizable upward “swoosh.”


  • Continue drawing more hair. Draw the hairline on the forehead and sideburns using both curved and straight lines. Draw a shorter line to join with the swoosh’s point.


  • Finish enclosing the Joker’s hair. Use curved, varying-length lines that abruptly converge.


  • Finish off the Joker’s facial features by sculpting his nasty features. Use curved and “V”-shaped lines to create furrows on the forehead, in the area above the eyebrows, and between them.

How to Pencil Sketch the Joker

An easy joker pencil sketch instruction is provided here. Our video tutorial will walk you through this process even if you are a novice artist. Just make sure you follow the instructions in the correct order to achieve the best results. Children who draw have better fine motor skills, which will help them become experts in this trade. You only need a pencil and drawing paper for this project.