How Does the Scrap Gold Market Affect the Price of Gold?

Gold is the most common commodity used for investment over time. However, due to the ever-changing economy, its prices vary. What’s more interesting is the huge difference between the scrap gold prices and the prices of new gold. 

Most people think that the price of scrap gold is the same as that of gold, which isn’t true. This article will explain the effect of the gold scrap market on the gold prices, why their prices are different and the best place from where you can get gold to cash “near me” 

Scrap Gold Definition

When gold is delivered to a refiner to be melted down and repurposed, it is referred to as “scrap gold.” So, anything with gold in it that is intended for processing again might be referred to as scrap gold. Your old jewellery, for instance, will be purchased as scrap gold if you sell it to a gold dealer who would send it to a refinery.

How is Scrap Gold Weighed?

When scrap gold is bought and sold, it is frequently measured in troy ounces, with one troy ounce equal to 31.1 grams and 1 gram equivalent to 0.032 troy ounces. Pennyweight is another typical unit of measurement for scrap gold.

Purity, which indicates how much of an item is composed of actual gold and how much is made of other metals, is a significant aspect of scrap gold prices. The greatest amount of gold that can be present in a product is 24 karats, which is the karat value of pure gold. 

Scrap Gold Value

The weight and purity of the gold are the two key determinants of its value. As a result, you can estimate the worth of a piece of gold jewellery as scrap gold if you know the price of gold per unit of weight and the karat.

You can calculate the estimated value of the gold in your jewellery by multiplying 75 grams by the going rate of gold per gram on the market. However, most gold brokers will purchase your used gold for 20%–40% less than the going rate.

Difference between the Prices of Scrap Gold and Gold

You can sell your gold jewellery to any of the numerous scrap gold sellers if you decide to use your gold to cash “near me”. The value of the metal in your goods is what scrap gold buyers are interested in, not its aesthetic value, so keep in mind that none of them will offer you as much money as your jewellery is worth at the store.

Remember that a buyer will most likely pay you less than your estimate if you base your estimate on current market values for scrap gold because dealers want to make money from reselling your gold. 

Influence of Scrap Gold Market on the Price of Gold

Mining and scrap supply, as well as jewellery investment and demand, both have an impact on the price of gold. Despite the high cost of mining, production is steady. The price of gold determines the amount that can be recycled. For instance, a rise in the price of metal can cause many people to make a profit. As a result, recycling supplies is essential, but in the end, it depends on people’s will to sell.

The current global demand for jewellery is 47% of the total gold supply. Despite having a substantial market share, it has little to no impact on the price of gold. Events like weddings and festivals influence demand. Long-term monetary and economic changes have an impact on scrap gold prices. 


Gold is thought to be a safe investment option, and that’s why more people invest their funds to purchase it. However, the price of gold is influenced by the scrap gold market. Usually, when you buy new gold, you pay for both design and metal, but when you sell scrap, the price just includes the cost of metal.

There are multiple factors affecting the gold price, including the scrap gold market. But, the dealer you choose will also impact the selling price of your gold. There are many reliable dealers such as Cash Your Gold if you ever decide to convert your gold to cash “near me”.