High Leverage Broker for Commodity in India

Do you desire to invest or trade in commodities and make a profit? This is for you! You need the services of a high leverage broker to help you navigate the trading world. High-leverage brokers are excellent brokers who know what they are doing. They help clients get high returns for their investments. They are available in India for Indians interested in trading with small money. Financial experts rate high-leverage brokers more than normal brokers due to their professional experience. Besides, leverage brokers have platforms that offer the best leverage. Of course, just like other investments, trading on such platforms also comes with risks.

Why should you consider a high leverage broker?

High-leverage brokers in India are professionals who help you find profitable and beneficial trading opportunities. Even if your trading budget is small, they will help you make more profit.

High-Leverage Brokers in India


Zerodha is a leading brokerage firm in India. It offers services like Demat accounts that give trading options like bonds, mutual funds, commodities, currency, and equity trading. As a highly-rated fintech Indian firm, Zerodha has lived up to customers’ expectations. Its online trading platform has advanced tools for users.


  • Low brokerage charges for users. It can be as low as 20 Indian rupees for each trade.
  • Very high leverage for intraday traders. This is why it has a reputation for being the highest intraday leverage giver in the country.
  • Gives good margins for commodities, options, and currency pairs traders.


  • Brokerage charges are low compared to other brokers
  • Give exclusive services to Indian traders
  • The trading margin for intraday traders is high


  • Zerodha doesn’t protect its investors

IQ Option

For those who are interested in binary options, forex, and CFD, then IQ is a good choice. IQ is a high leverage brokerage platform that performs well in the market. In addition, the platform has ETF trading for asset traders. Traders on IQ have access to a wide range of trading methods and tools which improve their prediction ability. Due to this, they can earn more profit on the platform.


Gives trading support and benefits to foreign traders, such as good leverage. Also, forex traders benefit from the margins, something other brokers don’t offer. Thus, forex and currency traders on IQ have more advantages than other traders. Whereas for CFD traders on IQ, the leverage amount isn’t as beneficial. The same can be said for stock indices and commodities traders.


  • Some currencies have good leverages for traders.
  • Spreads are reasonable for customers
  • The platform is properly regulated 
  • Traders can do assets trading apart from
  • Allows trading with assets other than trading.


  • Traders with inactive accounts will pay a fee.
  • CFD trading is possible.

Olymp Trade

This is a virtual brokerage platform that allows people to trade and make money. The platform is designed like a gaming platform to make things interesting for traders. Traders can trade in forex, margins, and so on. Professionals and new traders can go to the platform and trade easily. Additionally, it has high-tech trading tools that help in making the right trading decisions. Olymp Trade has demo accounts traders can practice with for free. In fact, new traders have access to thousands of demo coins to trade with.

What’s more, traders will get a feel of what it is like to trade with huge money. And another advantage of using a demo account is you can use demo coins to trade without risks. Once you get familiar with the trading techniques, then you can register a real account and start trading officially.


  • Materials to educate new traders about trading strategies, risks, and much more. These materials will guide beginners on how to utilize the various trading tools Olymp Trade has to offer.
  • Traders can register two or more accounts and use these accounts as they deem fit. Furthermore, as they trade on multiple accounts, they will earn more experience points.
  • When traders reach an “Expert Status”, they can get a return of more than 90 percent on options.
  • Traders can have high leverage. But this depends on the asset type the trader trades with.


  • High-tech trading techniques and intuitive tools.
  • Leverage of 1:500
  • Demo accounts to trade with for free
  • High profit for options traders that have reached a certain level.


  • Can only get a high return on binary options once you reach a certain level.
  • The platform doesn’t have many trading instruments.


The types of brokers you use will determine the success of your trade. Therefore, it is good to choose High-leverage brokers in India that offer excellent trading services. This way, you can be assured that your money is secure and you will make a profit. But if you pick the wrong broker, you may end up losing your money.