Guide to Use Puncture Repair Kits for Cars and Bikes

Getting a puncture repair kit inside your car helps you to solve the problem instead of panicking as the tire goes flat. An aware and responsible car driver always carries the car essentials with them and a puncture repair kit is a must-have. While you are enjoying your long drive, when the tire goes flat for any reason, having a puncture repair kit and knowing how to use it will let the problem get resolved at less expense.

But you may get confused having a look at the brands and variety of puncture repair kits in the market and online. Knowing exactly what should be there in your kit is a must, we listed a number of puncture repair accessories that can put your wheels back in their ideal state, so you can go carefree on the roads and drive your car to the best.

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A list of items that must have in a puncture repair kit:

  • A pair of pliers: pair of pliers will help you remove the cause of the puncture for example nails, sticks, or some other sharp objects that cut the tire or get inside it.
  • Lubricant: lubricant is used on the reamer to ease the way into the hole. basically for smooth execution of the repair process.
  • The reamer: reamer is used to probe the puncture. It helps clear away any form of debris and separates the tire seat belt without causing any damage.
  • The cord-insertion tool: appears like a cross between an ice pick and a sewing needle. Insert the cord insertion tool into the puncture through the repair cord.
  • Repair cords: these are the strings you insert in the puncture to fill the hole temporarily, it’s a temporary solution to put the tire safely in place for some time.
  • Foot air pump: foot air pump is used to inflate the car tire, you can inflate the car tire at the appropriate air pressure using the foot air pump.
  • Digital air pressure gauge: digital air pressure gauge maintains air pressure, ensures durability, and decreases tire wear. It provides fast and accurate readings.

How to use a puncture repair kit?

Before you directly jump off to repair the car tire puncture always look for a safe place around to perform the task as getting the tire repaired in the middle of a busy road or in a dangerous place can put you in a lot of trouble and can very easily cause a car accident. Drive slowly as you feel that the tire is going flat and stop at a safe spot. Remember nothing comes at the risk of your life.

As you move forward to repair a car puncture always remember to first, switch off the car’s engine and then apply the handbrake. Make all the car passengers stand outside the car, in a safe spot away from the traffic. Then turn on the hazard lights in your car, after then you can take out the puncture repair kit from the boot and start with the work.

Always see the status of the tire closely and carefully. You can repair small holes with tire sealant but if the puncture repair looks beyond your control then always seeking professional help is a wise decision rather than being a master of things, not your kind. 

If the tire has a cut and is disintegrating, having a puncture greater than 4mm. Then Keep in mind that sealing of tire is not the only solution, you may need to inflate the car tire with a foot air pump to refill the air pressure inside the car tire. Locate the puncture moving and back and forth.

If the valve is as high as possible then you have to connect the sealant container to the valve and then insert the sealant inside. And the tire gets re-inflated if you use “all in one” pressurized cans but if the compressor is separate then squeeze the sealant into the tire before the compressor connects. And then you can re-inflate.

Remember different car function differently, and you need to know your car perfectly before moving to a puncture repair. Lastly, plug the compressor into the car’s 12V accessory socket. Then you can inflate the tire to the apt pressure as per the manual.