Fashion Tips for a Slimmer Figure

There are some basic rules in fashion that can save you nerves and spare you your self-esteem when you’re shopping for a new outfit. Sometimes our goals of slimming for the summer are far fetched and before you know it you’re surrounded by long stems in short skirts. While you might not have the perfect beach body, that doesn’t mean Musselinblusen that you can’t pull off the illusion of a slimmer new you. Here are some fashion tips to that will help you embrace your body by learning how hide and how to flaunt.

Tip #1 Know Your Body

Being honest about your body type and weight. Don’t buy items in hopes of losing weight someday. Also, don’t chase all trends as must haves in your closet. Make sure that it fits your style and is flattering to your body. For example, I love skinny jeans with tank and pumps, but on me it just doesn’t read in a flattering way. I still wear skinny jeans, but not with flats or heels, I go for boots instead, this helps to balance out my body. I find that a lot of women are in denial about their real weight. This causes them to get clothes in the wrong size, which then causes their goods to be squished in an outfit and screaming for air. This goes for buying the proper bra size. Typically women with a large bust buy undergarments that are too small and fail to give the support that is really needed. A right size bra can do wonders for your fashion sense.

Tip #2 Jeans

Know what jeans to go for. Go for mid-rise jeans, they are high enough to cover the love handles so they wont be spilling out. High waisted pants are great at making your waist appear smaller, but they make the bum look far bigger and fuller then it is. So unless that’s the look you’re going for, beware of adding unnecessary weight to your behind. Boot cut or slight flare generally serves as best for a slimming affect. Make sure the bottoms are always a darker shade then your top. The length is an important factor when your shopping for pants. At all cost avoid high water jeans; the hemline should fall to the bottom of the heel of your shoe. Wearing heels often elongates the body and changes your posture. If you choose to wear heels with your pants, make sure that hemline falls to the heel of your pump.

Tip#3 Tops

Learn to find flattering tops. Go for tops that are forgiving of your problem areas, not clinging to them and singling them out. Tops that drape and great for hiding the jelly tummy and hips. Sheer, loose tops are feminine and give you breathing room. Stay away form heavy patterns and horizontal lines, these will draw attention and make you appear wider. Learn to show of your goods. Bring attention to your chest and neck by wearing a top with embroidery on neckline. If you have wide hips, make sure the top doesn’t fall at the widest point of your hips, rather just below or above. V-necks are great if you have a shorter neck, they elongate the torso. If you have bigger arms, look for a cap sleeve. If you like Damenwesten your arms, halter-tops bring focus to your arms and shoulders.

Tip#4 Skirts

Skirts and dresses bring a certain air of gentleness and femininity. However, the wrong cut and length can make you look frumpy instead of sexy. The hemline of the skirt should always be just above the knee, or below the calf. It should never stop at calf. A-line skirts and dresses are a best fit if you’re trying to hide your hips.

Beauty, styling, editorial shoots and fashion shows have been my life for over 10 years. Far beyond keeping up with the trends, it’s a process of improving your level of self-esteem and confidence.