How To Draw A Watermelon

How to draw a watermelon

Draw a watermelon in just 9 easy steps! There’s nothing better than a slice of sweet watermelon on a hot summer day! A bite of juicy watermelon is refreshing during daylight and any daytime of the year. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, scary drawing, creative drawing, sunflower drawing easy and flower drawing. With its unusual taste and aroma, watermelon is a favorite fruit for many individuals of all eras. Due to their different formation and resonant colors, several texts have found watermelons very pleasant to pick. This created a huge market for a free tutorial with watermelon images. Currently, you asked for it, and we produce it.

How to draw a watermelon – let’s create!

Step 1

Start by removing a triangle shape with a spherical bottom. This includes the watermelon figure set. As can be seen in the photograph, the silhouette of the watermelon is slightly off-center. It’s a bit more on the left side, and that’s fine!
This provides ample space for the watermelon sizes, which we will remove later.

Step 2 – Make the Watermelon Constitution

Expand the watermelon shape by creating the dimensions on its right side. Sketch an oblique line with a curved line at the base, resemblance the outline we drew in the earlier grade. Note that only the outline’s right side and bottom should have dimensions, leaving out its flat left side.

Step 3 – Add Watermelon Dimensions

Mark a curve around the perimeter of the curved line we removed earlier. Remember to count a sloping fair shape in the right-side corner. This completes the illusion of dimensions, constructing the watermelon to appear 3D and realistic!

Step 4 – Next, draw the watermelon origins.

Add the bases spread all over the shell of the watermelon. Sources can be formed by removing a little upright oval with an implied base border. Support removing the same figure on the watermelon until you reach the chosen origins. This means you can make as many or as few seeds as you want!

Step 5 – Following, remove the left eyebrow.

Sketch a curved stripe on the left flank of the centerpiece of the watermelon. This forms the arched left eyebrow.

Step 6 – Complete Watermelon Eyebrows

Duplicate the earlier action on the contrasting flank of the “face” of the watermelon. This creates the watermelon’s straight eyebrow, completing her arched eyebrows. Try to make the eyebrows as even and aligned as possible.

Step 7 – Place a large smile on the watermelon.

Remove a U-shaped bend at the base of the “face” of the watermelon. Then, remove a negligibly curved line above the U-shaped angle we just removed. This completes the silhouette and puts an end to the huge watermelon smile. At this moment, the watermelon in your sketch should currently examine incredibly pleased!

Step 8 – Following, remove the left vision of the watermelon.

Next, draw a small circle and two diamonds or stars inside the eye. Next, shade the entire eye and omit the unshaded inner shapes. This creates a dramatic “glittering eyes” effect, making the watermelon even more adorable!

Step 9 – Finish Both Watermelon Eyes

Repeat the previous step under the opposite eyebrow to create the right eye. After this step, the watermelon’s left and right eyes should be complete! There you have it: an adorable and cheerful piece of watermelon! All it takes is a touch of color to make it colorful! Imagine how beautiful this piece of art would look with rich shades! Nowadays, that we’ve successfully removed a watermelon, it’s ultimately time for the multiple compelling parts: the complexion and the graphic! Graphic! Take this opportunity to show off your creative mastery, particularly your capability to blend and match other shades!

4 more additional methods to complete your watermelon-pulling individual.

Complete juicy artwork while we complete your watermelon drawing even more amazing! Wewer created a cute, funny interpretation of this fruit for our watermelon design. One way to make the design even more unique would be to use a different style. There are many ways to do this! For example, you would like the watermelon to look more realistic.

Your watermelon drawing is complete!

Have fun drawing a watermelon with this step-by-step drawing tutorial. What kind of fruit would you like to learn to draw next? Allow us to comprehend, and we’ll achieve our most suitable to assemble a drawing tutorial! All our drawing tutorials are 100% free to use during your drawing activities. We regularly upload new content to our “How to Draw” catalog, so don’t forget to