Fucking Boxes – 6 Reasons Why Are You Failing As a Brand

Every brand wishes to succeed. For most of them, it’s very much possible, but then again there are many who do not enjoy the same. But why is it exactly they are not making their wishes come true. They are doing everything everyone else is doing, right? Probably not. Maybe they have a good product but their Fucking Boxes or packaging may have some issue which is causing all the trouble.

It’s quite common perception that your customer will get to look at your packaging first. Only after being picked up, if you are lucky enough to have an eye grabbing box, the customer will get to find out the product that is inside. If you are not chosen among the many, the public will never know what’s inside as well as the quality of the product packed.

So this is where we are landing. You are not being chosen based on the type of packaging which is wrapped around your lovely product. Customers choosing your product is only possible when they choose your packaging first. And this is never going to happen if you are missing out on the factors below;

You Don’t Have the Right Fucking Company by Your Side

Sometimes your thing is to create a good quality product. But you are not good with the packaging. For this purpose, you hire professionals. Or maybe you think they are professionals. Do you understand where we are leading with this? The company that you think is the best may not be suitable for you. There could be many reasons for that including maybe the company you’ve hired doesn’t have the right amount of experience. Or maybe they don’t have the right set of skills and expertise you are looking for. Maybe the company is a startup and doesn’t have the resources needed to take up your order. Or maybe they lack the creative and innovative knack to come up with the best looking packaging design. There could be many causes for them not doing their job right. But you, on the other hand, need to ensure the company you are about to hire doesn’t have any of these. You need to have a company by your side that can understand your needs and preferences. It should be able to bring your vision of packaging to life.

You Are Not Getting the Recognition You Deserve

Your brand needs the right recognition to be able to make sales. Maybe your packaging isn’t making the right impact to be able to do that. Or maybe you don’t have your logo put up on the boxes. And even if you have, it can be that they are not positioned correctly. You might have them printed at a place where it’s not easily noticeable. If you have messed up placing your logo at the correct spot, no one will be able to recognize that it’s you, even though they already know your brand and you are one of their favorite.

You Are Not Being Sustainable

Customers never love it when you use a huge amount of packaging material. Maybe you have a small item for which you have used a fairly large box. Now to keep your product safe and in a single piece, you put in lots of tissue paper, bubble wrap or fillers. This is something that will seriously annoy the customers. They don’t want to clean up all the waste you made. Therefore, you need to be sustainable with your packaging.

Your Packaging Isn’t Exciting Enough

If your packaging isn’t exciting your customers, they won’t buy it. Your packaging should have an appeal of excitement, thrill, and avid. It should make people jumpy to want to find out what’s inside. Dull and boring packaging will only drive away the customers thinking there is probably something humdrum inside as the box itself. Therefore, you need to bring your packaging to life with lots of enliven, exuberance and desirability.

Your Package Material Is Not Durable Enough To Support Your Product

One of the most important things about your product is it being in one shape. It should be in the best possible condition when it reaches the audience. But many a times that doesn’t happen because you have used a below par packaging material or Custom shipping boxes which were not able to keep your product safe and protected. During storing and shipping, the product was damaged as a result of which it was rejected by the customer and returned to you. This doesn’t leave a very good impression. This is why you should use material for packaging which is durable and sturdy enough to keep your items safe and secure.

You Are Not Paying Much Attention to Your Packaging

If you are one of those who thinks that product is more important than packaging, then you need to reconsider. That is certainly not it. In fact, both the packaging and product hold due and equal importance if you want your brand to succeed. Therefore, you need to make sure that your packaging is as equal in high standards, appealing, material as the product inside. So that it sends out the right impression of your product. You see, if people get the notion that your product might not be of high quality, they will never ever buy it. Your packaging gives that illusion when you use below par material that isn’t fine in quality and looks rough.

If your Fucking Boxes, vape, cosmetic, food items, electronics or any other product send out the above messages, you are done for as a brand. Fucking Fucking Fucking