Cat-Eye Stone- One Of The Incredible Stone

 The cat eye stone, which is also known as Lehsunia, is one of the unique gemstones which has gained the utmost importance in India. Astrologers recommend this gemstone to people for attaining healing benefits. Most people who suffer from Ketu dosh prefer cat eye. Ketu is one of the most implacable planets in the solar system. Therefore, it is not physically present there.  But the astrologer believes that it can overpower the positive effects of other planets. The Astrologer denotes the Moon’s South node, signifying wealth, mental health issues, and luck. Read the whole blog and know more about this gemstone.

Benefits Of Cat Eye Stone

The natural Cat Eye stone keeps the person wealthy, and healthy and wards away all the negative effects. This gemstone cures every health problem related to joint pains, hormones, balance arthritis, and even paralysis. The ones who suffer from asthma, mental anxiety, depression, BP, and lower pulse rate should wear this stone to keep themselves happy, joyful, and positive. The Lehsunia stone will keep all the Evil eyes away from you.  It enhances the emotional level of the person. It will endow the great vision and the memory power of the person. The wearer would be able to sleep properly without facing the problem of lucid dreaming.

Where Does The Stone Come From?

The best variety of these original cat eye gemstones is found in the Himalayas, Vindhyachal Mountains, and Trivandrum, Shripur, and Sundervan areas in India. They are also found in Sri Lanka. Some people even say that the cat eye stone is a substitute for the tiger eye or the moonstone. 

How To Wear The Cat Eye Gemstone

The best way to wear the real cat eye gemstone is in the form of a ring and it should be worn two hours after sunset. It is recommended to wash this gemstone with holy water, also known as Ganga Jal. Before wearing this gemstone for the first time. After washing this gemstone, it should be placed on a smokey grey-green cloth on which the yantra of Ketu has already been worn with roli and Sandalwood paste. 

The person can wear this gemstone by themselves as well as they could ask a priest or Pandit Ji to help them wear this gemstone. Moreover, a person who is wearing this gemstone needs to recite a mantra for 108 times which recites OM KAIM KETAVE NAMAH OM. This gemstone can be worn on the little finger of the left hand. After wearing the ring. We should wrap the yantra in cloth and keep it in the temple. Astrologers even recommend the person to donate the black cloth to any beggar for more benefits. 

Where To Get The Original Cat Eye Stone

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