Bluehost Vs Dreamhost hosting

When you are looking to build a website that puts forth a strong online presence for your brand, the first step is to decide on a hosting provider. And while multiple hosting providers are available to choose from, we can easily say that Bluehost and Dreamhost can be termed as the bigshots of the hosting niche. But what when you need to choose between either of them? Avail web hosting renewcoupons now.

In this blog, we will outline the major differences between Bluehost and Dreamhost so that you can choose the right one for your business!

Differences between Bluehost and DreamHost


If you are an absolute beginner looking for an easy hosting provider, then Bluehost is for you! With its easy C-panel dashboard, all of the relevant details are put forth for you to use as per your needs. Dreamhost, on the other hand, may involve a longer learning curve. bluehost promo codes


If you are considering a safe and secure hosting provider, Dreamhost or Bluehost work well for you. Bluehost offers security in the form of SSL, SFTP, and SSH.

Customer Support

Hosting is a long and crucial process, primarily because once you choose a hosting provider for your website, you rarely change your preference. Hence, choosing a provider with strong customer support is important. Both Bluehost and Dreamhost offer excellent customer support. However, you can only connect through DreamHost through their form or chat; on the other hand, Bluehost can be contacted through chat or phone. Dreamhost promo codes


If you are on a budget, you need to look for an option that is affordable. When we compare pricing options for both providers, Bluehost is comparatively cheaper. The base plan for Bluehost starts at $2.95 per month. For Dreamhost, the base plan is priced at $ 4.95 per month.


Given that both providers offer varied benefits, choosing one that best suits your business requirements is important. Bluehost and Dreamhost are both excellent options for websites of different sizes. It is important to pick one based on proper comparisons between features